Tortilla Press Belting and Fabrics

Hughes Industrial Sales supplies all belting and top platen PTFE materials for tortilla manufacturing. A typical tortilla press has a heated top-platen covered with 6 Mil, 10 Mil, or 14 Mil PTFE fabrics and uses a PTFE belt made from the same or a similar product. The PTFE belt and platen covers are used primarily for their release properties and high temperature performance. The PTFE belts and platen covers also meet all FDA requirements. Contact us with size requirements and get a competitive quote promptly.

PTFE Toaster Sheets

PTFE toaster sheets are essential if you wish to get the most out of your vertical conveyor bun toaster! These PTFE sheets are ideal for all types of industrial bun, bagel, bread, and sandwich toaster applications. They are required for dry toasting, but we recommend that you also use them when toasting buns with high protein butter like garlic butter. Please contact us for more product information and pricing.

PTFE Band Sealing Belts

Hughes Industrial Sales offers a wide range of high quality 2 ply PTFE coated band sealing belts. These belts typically come in a variety of sizes from .5" to 3" though wider belts are also available. 2Ply belts are small, endless seamed belts that use two layers of typically 3 or 5 mil material to achieve a tough yet inexpensive belting product. By offsetting the two seams for each layer, the belt is very smooth throughout. Please contact us for a quote or more information.

Open Mesh PTFE Fabrics and Belting

1. High temperature resistance -It can continuously work under -140C to 300C max resist high temperature up to 360C.
2. Permeability - it can avoid wasting heat and improve drying efficiency for its permeability.
3. Chemical resistance - it can resist all most of chemical medicines.
4. Nonstick - It can easily remove all kinds of adhesives such as resin, paint and chemical medicine.
5. Good flex fatigue resistance - It has high tensile strength and excellent flex fatigue resistance. It`s better for small wheels.
1. Drying machine for non-woven textile, textile printing, silk-printing and dyeing machine.
2. Shrinking machine for garment fabric, high-frequency and UV dryer.
3. Conveyer belt for hot-air dryer, various food baking, quick-frozen machines.
4. Oiling machine for paper glazing and waxing, plant engineering.
5. Separating sheet for hardboard production and etc.

Hughes Industrial Sales PTFE Tape Adhesive Options

Silicone backing offers a persistent yet repositionable bond that leaves minimal adhesive residue when removed. Adhering reliably in a temperature range from -1000 to +5000F (-730 to 2600C), silicone tapes are a wise choice for bag sealing equipment which requires frequent changes in heating elements.

Acrylic backing offers the highest available bond strength for applications which require very persistent adhesion. It adheres reliably in a temperature range of -1000to +2750F (-730 to 1350C).

Hughes Industrial Sales Zone PTFE Tape

Zone tape was created especially to protect the heating element of heat sealing machinery from the adhesive buildup standard tapes can cause. By creating an adhesive-free zone longitudinally through the center of the tape yet maintaining adhesive on both outer edges, a tape may be placed across a heating element without contact between the element and tape adhesive. This feature is especially valuable for bag sealers which require frequent change-overs of the heating element, with excellent release characteristics for easy repositioning and removal. Zone tape can be manufactured using any of our PTFE fabrics to best match the needs of a process for non-stick performance and high-temperature operation.

HI-4 Copper Welding Tape

HI-4 Copper is the latest adhesive tape product that is the ideal replaceable release surface for your heat sealing equipment. It features an extra layer of PTFE film for exceptional durability and longer life, enabling it to outperform and outlast comparable tapes in its class. Longer wear means fewer changeovers and less downtime, and that means lower "cost per seal." Don't be fooled by imitations - HI-4 Copper is the genuine artifact. The tape has minimal glass fibers and pinholes which can reduce the life of traditionally manufactured tapes that are used in heat seal applications. In composite molding, the number of defects created by using this tape as a mold release can be reduced by a factor of ten.

HI-4 Copper is fiberglass fabric impregnated with PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) dispersion, laminated to PTFE film and coated with high-temperature, pressure-sensitive silicone adhesive.

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