Case Study 1:

Industry: Leading Poultry Processor

Challenge: The client had belt life and belt tracking problems. We addressed this issue by providing a laminated version of a Teflon coated fiberglass belt. The customer achieved 20% longer life due to these changes. Hughes Industrial additionally provided a superior tracking system that allowed for more precise changes to allow a more accurate tracking solution.

Impact for the Customer: The customer immediately achieved longer belt life that resulted in less down time. Once the tracking problems were solved the customer could benefit from the better belt material. The result is a happy customer and Hughes Industrial becoming a long-term resource for this end-user by accurately and effectively resolving their challenges.

Relationship Growth: As a vendor, Hughes Industrial concentrates on specific applications in the plant that have expertise in and try to help the customer there first. This allows us to be a resource for our customer instead of a vendor only.

Advantage for the Customer: Initially we provided trial pricing of our belting material for our customer to evaluate. Once approved, we trained all the maintenance personnel on the changes made to the grill and continue to provide ongoing support as needed.

Case Study 2:

Industry: Major Poultry Processor

Challenge: They were spending approximately $5,000.00 on Pumps for their application of sauces to their cooked products. The pumps were difficult to disassemble and clean after each shift. Their original pumps and motors were heavy and hard to handle by all personnel. We provided an easy to disassemble Stainless Steel Drum Pump to handle their variety of sauces for about two-thirds less than what they previously used. Our pump product is a lighter weight, easier to handle solution with fewer parts to clean and reassemble.

Impact for the Customer: Our client was very pleased by the cost savings. We completed training for all shifts and all of their departments - Maintenance, Production and Sanitation - to show the proper and easiest way to disassemble and clean our Drum Pumps. It greatly helped their business to have all of their Departments buy into a solution.

Relationship Growth: As a part of our process we offer to test the customer's products in our test pumps and video the results. It is solid proof that the Drum Pump will work.

Advantage for the Customer: We ran samples of their different sauces at our facility in our test pumps and videoed this as proof that our solution worked. We offered a sample Drum Pump for them to test with no obligation before they purchased one. We did training for all shifts on this product.

Case Study 3:

Industry: Vinyl Window Manufacturer

Challenge: They were looking for a longer lasting welding tape to save money and man hours switching tape less. Hughes Industrial offered them a superior laminated PTFE material that resulted in a better smoother weld with less change outs and longer life.

Impact for the Customer: They appreciated being introduced to a product they were unaware of and that we took the time to specifically analyze their needs to provide an on target solution. The customer is now able to run these particular manufacturing lines with less down time and less material being used.

Relationship Growth: This interaction cemented the lesson that Hughes Industrial works to respect every day. When you listen to customers problems and help to keep them up to date with new products you will be able to benefit their bottom line.

Advantage for the Customer: By understanding what they were asking for and not just selling them the same product at a better price we helped to positively impact their business on multiple fronts.

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